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SAMARA HONEY is the sweet, charming, and bewitching vixen you have been craving. Based in AUSTIN, TX, she is your southern comfort and is wickedly delightful.  Are you ready to be catered to? Explore deep, sensual intimacy? Or just get nasty? Let's connect.



Sensual and Tailored.

I am based in Austin, TX but I might be touring in a city near you. Check my tour page and follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with where you can find me!

Sext Panther.

Too far away to see me? Can't stop thinking about the special time we could be spending together? Text me 😉


Spoil Me.

It excites me how much you want to make me smile. Any gesture, small or large, will absolutely impress me!

Find out more about me to find the perfect way to brighten my day.


If you are looking for an edgier affair, look no further than Monstress Samara. The evil princess persona that loves to be cruel in order to bring pleasure.



Tel - 512. 387. 1815

Austin, TX

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